If you are seeking counseling, I imagine you are struggling and searching for the right person who will help you feel supported so you can start to feel better. I work with people who feel overwhelmed and undervalued, people who feel stuck in their own heads and want to reclaim the courage, creativity and connection within their relationships and in their daily lives. I work with people who struggle to let go of the fear and perfectionism that holds them back so they can feel more deeply connected to themselves and others.

Are you feeling stuck in anxiety and fear of failure? Are you finding it hard to create balance in your life? Perhaps you feel like you’ve lost the sense of joy, creativity, and spontaneity that you once had and feel like you have nothing left to give? You are not alone. You deserve to live a life of connection and wellness. This is your journey, your story and you have the power to heal it!

Some typical problems that people call me with include:

“I have so much anxiety. I can’t handle it anymore!”

“I had no idea that becoming a mother would feel so lonely and isolating.”

“I’m not booking jobs, and I don’t feel motivated to put myself out there. I feel lost.”

“I just had a baby, and I feel nervous all time. I’m so worried about everything.”

“Becoming a parent just sounds so terrifying. I can’t sleep at night.”

“I don’t know how to relax! I always feel like I have to be doing something.”

You don’t have to keep suffering, hoping someday things will change. I believe that you are the expert of your life and I’m here to help you uncover what is going on so we can work together to help quiet down the mind and begin to feel some relief.


As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Drama Therapist, Rachel Brousseau offers a range of counseling, psychotherapy and creative arts therapy services to support clients throughout the different stages of their lives. She has worked extensively in the area of anxiety to help women, creative professionals, parents and families challenge the fears that hold them back.

Rachel’s office is located in Burbank, California, a short distance from Toluca Lake, Studio City, Glendale, North Hollywood, Eagle Rock and the greater San Fernando Valley. Click here to find out more.