Child Counseling

You child has been acting different lately and you don’t know why. They seem more irritable, aggressive or tearful. The school has called expressing their concern as well. You thought is was “just a phase”, but now you’re not sure. You want your little one to be happy and healthy but you really don’t know what to do.

As parents we can feel helpless when we see our child is struggling. Some signs that a child may need therapy include a change in behavior such as isolating or fighting, being easily irritated or distracted, a change in eating or sleeping patterns, poor school performance, lack of friends, increased tearfulness, or an overall decrease in regulating emotions.

Children engage in therapy differently than adults. They find meaning through play, metaphor, and kinesthetic learning. Children benefit most from therapy when the family is involved, helping the child to implement new skills they will learn during the therapy process and addressing dynamics in the family or at school that may be contributing to the child’s change in behavior. Through the use of play, art, music, and dramatic enactment I help kids and their parents discover what is going on so that we can begin to put words to the feelings and decrease the challenging behaviors.

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