Stress Reduction With Improvisation

Stress can impact the way we feel both in our bodies as well as in our ability to focus, problem solve and be present in all areas of our lives. Spontaneity, play, connection and humor can help us get out of our heads, releasing the stress in our day to day lives.

This once monthly group will give participants the ability to utilize improvisation for stress reduction. The principles of improvisation have been shown to increase communication, focus, connection, creativity and active listening while also decreasing anxiety and stress.

This group requires a minimum of 5 participants to get started and will meet the second Wednesday of each month from 7-9pm. The cost of each group is $25. If you are interested, please reach out. I would love to hear from you.

* Please note that all workshops and groups require a reservation. Registration closes a week before the group/workshop start date. Please email rachel [@] healingthroughaction [.] com or call (626) 460-0570 if you are interested in attending.

The groups and workshops listed are not psychotherapy or process groups. They are creative expression groups intended for individuals to engage in self-care and creative exploration.

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