Mothers & Infants

Society gives us the message that we fall in love and bond with our baby as soon as the child is placed in our arms. This expectation can leave mothers feeling defeated, depressed and anxious if bonding and attachment take longer than expected. There is often limited support and resources for mothers after they give birth. Getting to know your new little human is a process, coupled with the change in hormones new mothers experience. It is no wonder that many mothers are left feeling like they are not good enough. You ARE good enough. I’m here to help you navigate this unexpected and challenging time.

Mother and infant counseling creates a space for understanding and connection in this new relationship. Together, we will engage in developmentally appropriate activities for your child to increase your connection, bonding and attachment while building on their developmental milestones. As we do this, we will talk about how you are feeling and ways to nurture and support your development as a mom. Baby is sleeping throughout the session? No problem! We can explore how you are managing and navigating your role of mother and the connection to your child and partner.

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