4 Ways to Increase Motherhood Enjoyment

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A mom throwing her baby up in the air, with the baby smiling from enjoyment.It’s no secret that motherhood is difficult. Each stage has its own difficulties, challenging our own feelings of capacity. It’s easy to get so caught up in the challenges and the day-to-day routines that we don’t always find the enjoyment that is such an important part of motherhood. So, let’s look at 4 ways to increase motherhood enjoyment.

Take note of the small things.

Noticing things in the moment can help you stay present in the moment. Sometimes our bodies are with our children and our mind is on work, laundry, the next activity, planning a vacation…anywhere but the present moment. Look for delights and soon you won’t have to look so hard.

Put down the phone.

We can’t be present when we are scrolling social media or checking emails. I’m not saying to never do these things, but set aside specific time in the day for it. This way you can be present with your children and not on the phone. Additionally, evidence shows that spending too much time on social media can increase feelings of depression and anxiety. Comparison to what you’re seeing on the scroll can do that.

Engage in gratitude.

Science shows that what we think has an impact on how we feel. We are hardwired for negative thinking, but we know this can be changed. Neuroscience supports this. If you don’t have time to write down 3 things you are grateful for each day, take a moment sometime in the day to think about what you grateful for and why you are grateful for it. Be intentional so your body and mind really take it in.

Take time for yourself.

It’s easy to feel guilty about this one. When you are nurturing others, your energy can easily be depleted. When you take time for yourself, you have a chance to recharge and rebuild that energy. Many moms I work with tell me that when they can take time for themselves, they feel like the quality of time they spend with their children increases.

All the above things may seem simple, but in fact they are not. We must be intentional about our time and what we are doing in order to feel connected and present. Through connection, our enjoyment grows.

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