5 Reasons to Love Group Therapy

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A group of hangs with a red paint in the shape of a heart.

Group therapy is a powerful way to connect with others who are in a similar place in their lives as you.

There is an energy in a group that is very different than in an individual therapy session. I love facilitating groups and have for the decade that I’ve been running them. I’m not sure if it’s because of my past experience as theatre director or the collaborative aspect that came with being an improvisor, but there is something about a group that makes me tingle with excitement.

All the groups I run are creative arts therapy groups. As a drama therapist, I find that groups allow for so much creativity and engagement. I like the metaphor of jumping into the painting when doing creative arts therapy groups versus talking about the painting in traditional talk therapy. There is no judgment on either, just that a creative, embodied approach can offer a perspective of experiencing that talk therapy cannot.

Here are 5 reasons to love group therapy.
  1. A variety of perspectives, rather than just the perspective of the therapist.
  2. The feeling of being seen and acknowledged when you might not be at your best. It’s pretty easy to feel accepted by others when you are feeling well. You may not feel that way when you are struggling. A group brings people together who all share the commonality of what the group’s goals are.
  3. Support from others experiencing something similar to you.
  4. In a creative arts therapy group, you get to use creativity for healing, something we don’t often afford ourselves the “luxury” of doing.
  5. Cost. The average cost of individual therapy is $125-$250 per session. The group therapy range averages from $25-$75 per group, with the therapist often charging for the full amount of the entire group up front. So if a therapist charges $50 per session for a 6-week group and you pay $300, this is potentially less than 2 individual therapy sessions.
The groups I most enjoy facilitating are groups that increase social support.

Without support, it is easy to isolate, feel alone, or have increased stress. This can lead to depression and anxiety if not addressed. My groups focus on sharing for the purpose of wellness. I do my best to create a space for people to feel seen, heard, and acknowledged.

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Please note that this article is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice from a doctor or mental health professional.