Relationship with Your Partner After Baby Arrives

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It’s no surprise that having a baby join the family is a big change for new parents. There’s more responsibility and less sleep, seemingly little time to connect, and limited time to recharge. In the book, “And Baby Makes Three,” … Continued

Why Highly Sensitive Moms May Be More At-Risk for PMADs

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New motherhood is hard! Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), you may be more sensitive to sensory stimulation, overarousal, and emotional intensity. This can be heightened after having a baby (and maybe even during pregnancy. Why is this and why … Continued

What is Perinatal Anxiety?

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The perinatal period (the time from pregnancy through one year after giving birth) is full of ups and downs. We often hear about postpartum depression, but not as much as postpartum anxiety or anxiety during pregnancy. It is common for … Continued

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