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Virtual therapy, also known as TeleHealth therapy, is an important option for people now more than ever. With busy schedules and commuting, it can feel time consuming to attend in-person therapy. Making therapy feel out of reach. Virtual therapy allows both the therapist and client to see each other, regardless of distance. I have worked with clients all over California because of the TeleHealth option.

Anxiety is dominating our world right now and I imagine you are feeling the effects. Whether you are worried about your job, exhausted by juggling parenting and working from home, feeling burnt out, or wondering how on earth you can travel to therapy sessions with pregnancy symptoms or a napping baby, TeleHealth opens up possibilities.

I’ve incorporated video talk therapy, creative arts therapy and group therapy in my practice online for years so I feel very comfortable offering TeleHealth services to my clients.

Virtual therapy is as easy as clicking a link that I provide when we set up an appointment. I use a HIPAA compliant, confidential system so that you can feel comfortable knowing that what we talk about is not being shared. No commuting and feeling comfortable in your own space are also some great benefits to video therapy.

If you live in California and are ready to set up a free consultation, I’d love to hear from you.


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